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Flu Finder Wins 2nd Place in UW Business Plan Competition

Carly Holstein
23 May 2014

Based on their thesis research in the Yager Lab, PhD candidates Carly Holstein and Gina Fridley teamed up with MBA candidates Alyssa Hochman, Jonny Holz, and Joel Loveday to develop a business plan for the Flu Finder diagnostic test. Flu Finder is a paper-based assay that aims to improve upon current flu diagnostics by providing a test that is accurate, inexpensive, and can be administered by anyone, anywhere, with results in less than 20 minutes. Flu Finder is envisioned to start as an improved test for use in the doctor's office, but aims to eventually be sold over the counter for use by the patient at home. The team competed in the University of Washington Business Plan Competition and placed 2nd out of 92 teams from across the state. Flu Finder also took home the Best Innovation prize. For the full story from the UW Department of Bioengineering, click here.

The Flu Finder team poses with their second place prize in the UW Business Plan Competition. From left to right: Carly Holstein (PhD candidate, Bioengineering), Alyssa Hochman (MBA candidate), Joel Loveday (MBA candidate), Gina Fridley (PhD candidate, Bioengineering), and Jonny Holz (MBA candidate).

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